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Typewriter Rodeo's Story

January 13, 2016
We never, ever thought this would happen. In mid 2013, we got together at the Austin Mini Maker Faire, to promote a friend’s booth. The four of ... Read More

The Hows and Whys of Book Preservation

December 24, 2015
  Once you’ve begun your antique book collection, or even before you begin, one of your first thoughts should be where am I going to put ... Read More

Books Aging Gracefully

November 19, 2015
The current back and forth between the paper and electronic delivery of information brings to mind ancient arguments of angels and pinheads. Each side will ... Read More

Start Collecting!

October 24, 2015
How to Start Collecting and What to Look For Collecting antique books combines the thrill of treasure hunting with the magic of holding a piece ... Read More

Welcome to the 40th Annual Washington Antiquarian Book Fair!

March 2, 2015
After months of planning, here we are. With a week to go before Preview Night, I am beyond excited about the possibilities in front of ... Read More



I am simply a book drunkard. - L.M. Montgomery

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