Apr 20

Aaron Burr Letter

Aaron Burr Letter - Edward N. Bomsey Autographs Inc

Edward N. Bomsey Autographs Inc. (Booth 28) will have this treasure.

1807 letter to a woman written after his acquittal for treason and awaiting judgment on his 2nd trial

Burr notes his pleasure in the birth of his "dear friend" Mrs. Hopkins' daughter (Portia Lee Hopkins) and rejoices "that the world has another Cornelia" with her mother's charms and talents. Burr hopes to hear from her regarding her "perfect recovery" in her own hand if without fatigue or danger to her health. Burr also thanks Mr. Hodgson (Cornelia's brother-in-law) "...for the friendly terms in which he executed your commission and to him & your sister for the interest they have taken in my welfare."



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